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“Thank you to JOSÉE who gave a whole new life to my wardrobe today, while having a lot of fun! It is only a matter of time before I do this again: your work was excellent, rigorous and full of generosity. To brighten and embellish people’s lives is evidently A PASSION FOR YOU.”

–Marjorie Moreau, Remedial Teacher

“We should all use the service « Vision de soi » on an ongoing basis. I was the type to buy in bulk, but unable to put together outfits. I always had the impression that something was missing, even though I bought good quality designer brands. I am also very aware of the latest trends and an outstanding shopper. I was the last person to think I needed assistance from a stylist. During my meeting with Josée, she assessed my needs, but she mostly understood and respected me. Her advice allowed me to better understand my silhouette and gave me the “wow” factor that was missing. How much money is unnecessarily spent on a wardrobe? With such a service, it is so enjoyable to not buy unnecessary things.”

–Liane Guimond, Accountant, 41

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Josée. For me, shopping is not always pleasant. I hate looking for hours and especially trying out clothes that turn out not to fit me. On multiple occasions, I have walked out of a shopping center so discouraged that I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror. With Josée by my side, I had a completely different and refreshing experience. This was an efficient and honestly enjoyable process. I felt like a Hollywood star! She suggested clothes that were a reflection of myself. The different pieces of clothing were also very versatile, therefore, I could wear them with other pieces I had at home. Everybody at work noticed the change. And, consequently, I was walking with more assurance. This is an experience I would repeat in a heartbeat…”

–Julie Marcil, Teacher, 34