Josée Langlois Styliste vestimentaire

Welcome on Soie, the website of Josée Langlois, designer dress

Let me introduce myself: Josée Langlois, fashion stylist certified by the Les Effrontés Agency, enthusiastic, loves sports and creative… At a very early age, fashion and aesthetism became points of interest to the point of becoming part of my being. Therefore, I learned very quickly that clothes were the expression of the soul and a mirror of oneself… This discovery is in fact the basis on which I developed my styling service and the key element that drives the approach of Soie!

Attentive to your needs, I implement everything to quickly learn about your personality in order to make your clothes and your profound nature one. Updated according to the latest trends, the style I suggest results in an instant appreciation and automatically has an impact on your self-confidence. Passionate, curious, professional from head to toe, I never stop reinventing myself in order to satisfy my craving for knowledge and, at the same time, surprise you.

My mission is to create a certain harmony between your silhouette and your clothes. My ingenious and attentive personal touch will make your experience one of the most beautiful! Let’s be honest, you deserve the Soie experience!

Looking forward to meeting you!


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